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Jinnah was demonised by India

Senior BJP leader Jaswant Singh has said Pakistan's founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah was "demonised" by India even though it was Jawaharlal Nehru whose belief in a centralised system had led to the Partition. Jaswant, whose book Jinnah - India, Partition, Independence, will be released tomorrow, also said Indian Muslims are treated as aliens. "Oh yes, because he created something out of nothing and single-handedly he stood against the might of the Congress party and against the British who didn't really like him. Gandhi himself called Jinnah a great Indian. Why don't we recognise that? Why don't we see (and try to understand) why he called him that," Singh said, when asked by in an interview whether he viewed Jinnah as a great man. He said he did not subscribe to the popular "demonisation" of Jinnah. Singh, a former external affairs minister, feels India had misunderstood Jinnah and made a demon out of him. Contrary to popular perception, Singh feels it was not Jinnah but Nehru's "highly centralised polity" that led to the Partition of India. Asked if he was concerned that Nehru's heirs and the Congress party would be critical of the responsibility he was attributing to Nehru for Partition, Singh said, "I am not blaming anybody. I am not assigning blame. I am simply recalling what I have found as the development of issues and events of that period." . Singh contested the popular Indian view that Jinnah was the villain of Partition or the man principally responsible for it. Maintaining that this view was wrong, he said, "It is. It is not borne out of the facts...we need to correct it." He feels Jinnah's call for Pakistan was "a negotiating tactic" to obtain "space" for Muslims "in a reassuring system" where they would not be dominated by the Hindu majority. He said if the final decisions had been taken by Mahatma Gandhi, Rajaji or Maulana Azad -- rather than Nehru -- a united India would have been attained, he said, "Yes, I believe so. We could have (attained an united India)." Singh said the widespread opinion that Jinnah was against Hindus is mistaken. When told that his views on Jinnah may not be to the liking of his party, he replied, "I did not write this book as a BJP parliamentarian. I wrote this book as an Indian...this is not a party document. My party knows I have been working on this." Singh also spoke about Indian Muslims who, he said, "have paid the price of Partition". In a particularly outspoken answer, he said India treats them as "aliens". "Look into the eyes of the Muslims who live in India and if you truly see the pain with which they live, to which land do they belong? We treat them as aliens...without doubt Muslims have paid the price of Partition. They could have been significantly stronger in a united India."

Proud To Be a Kashmiri

I was Lucky to be born As A Kashmiri.. The Land Of The Great Budshah.. The Crafts That Surpass The Imagination Of A Common Man..The Beauty which is Pure and Serene.. The People Without any prejudice.. We Must Protect the Dwindling Heritage of us.. The Great Kashmiris who Promoted the Heritage The Suffering Moses', The Prince Woods, The Shah Brothers, The Matoos, The Shahs, The Ashais, The Sarafs and more.. We Are The Next Generation Of These Great Men. We Should Come Together And Save Our Heritage.. Why Should We Copy Cultures, When Our Own Culture Is The Best In The World.. Walking On The Bund Or the Boulevard feels like revisiting the Golden Era Of Kashmir.. The Old Bridges, The Serene Mosques,The Beautiful Gardens, the Pure Springs, The Fascinating Architecture, The Amazing Mountains, The Harmonious Society, The Karmic Temples And Enchanting Feeling Of Being A Kashmir is Priceless.. There is No place in the world That Almighty has given So Much.. We Must Preserve this Overwhelming Gift Of Almighty... The Kashmiriyat We Have is One of its Kind.. You won't find anyone who discriminates on the lines Of Caste, Creed, Religion Or Race... Be Responsible Be Proud Be The Kashmir

Was Gandhi A Great Leader

Gandhi Was Never A Great Leader.. He Doesn't Even Count In The 100 Most Influential persons In History by Michael Hart.. The First Man To Forward The Indian Struggle To A Higher Level Was Mohammad Ali Jinnah Who Was Requested By Sir IQbal (R.A) to Come To India..He Was n Britain Practicing Law There... Gandhi Was Never Influential In Getting His Voice Heard.. He Was Dumped In The Round Table Conference in 1931 Called By Lord Irwin. Where He Didn't Even Say A Word....His Influence was limited.. As People Say Gandhi Made India Independent.Its Totally Baseless and False. He Was a Hype Leader.. when The World War II Got Over. UN Was Formed..And Britain Was Told to Free Its All Colonies. As India Was its Largest Colony It Had To Be Freed First.. So India Was Freed. He never Was Great Leader Or A Statesman. As He Couldn't Pt India Together..... He Was Killed By His Own Countrymen.. Kashmir Will never Prosper under The Rule Of India.. They Are Blood Suckers.. How can Any Person Has To Prove His Own Identity..... A Kashmiri Has to Suffer A Lot In INdia..Being Called A Traitor and an Outsider.. We Are Victimized.. The Pakistani Tribals Came To Kashmir As A Deal Between Gaffar Khan Of NWFP and NEHRU.. He Sent Them In Kashmir.. And India Sent His Troops.. And Occupied Kashmir Forever.. Kashmir Had Already Gained Independence From DOGRAS....

Kya Mein Azaad Hoon

Supposedly the Song Of The Movie Lamhaa which is about kashmir..It Has A Good Music and Lyrics are Awesome.. I don't know about the singers. Give it an Ear

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