Proud To Be a Kashmiri

I was Lucky to be born As A Kashmiri.. The Land Of The Great Budshah.. The Crafts That Surpass The Imagination Of A Common Man..The Beauty which is Pure and Serene.. The People Without any prejudice.. We Must Protect the Dwindling Heritage of us.. The Great Kashmiris who Promoted the Heritage The Suffering Moses', The Prince Woods, The Shah Brothers, The Matoos, The Shahs, The Ashais, The Sarafs and more.. We Are The Next Generation Of These Great Men. We Should Come Together And Save Our Heritage.. Why Should We Copy Cultures, When Our Own Culture Is The Best In The World.. Walking On The Bund Or the Boulevard feels like revisiting the Golden Era Of Kashmir.. The Old Bridges, The Serene Mosques,The Beautiful Gardens, the Pure Springs, The Fascinating Architecture, The Amazing Mountains, The Harmonious Society, The Karmic Temples And Enchanting Feeling Of Being A Kashmir is Priceless.. There is No place in the world That Almighty has given So Much.. We Must Preserve this Overwhelming Gift Of Almighty... The Kashmiriyat We Have is One of its Kind.. You won't find anyone who discriminates on the lines Of Caste, Creed, Religion Or Race... Be Responsible Be Proud Be The Kashmir