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Sab Chalta Hai...

Kashmir is known as “The Paradise on Earth” in the world. With its picturesque beauty and mesmerizing lakes it is known to be a cure to illness. Many people around the world when asked by the doctor you need rest; abruptly KASHMIR comes in to their mind. Indians believe it is their pride and Crown, an idea of the cheapest way to get the feeling of the Swiss Alps. The Local Kashmiri feels pride in saying on online forums and discussions that I come from this paradise. The Business fraternity selling their merchandise with a smile that they would come back again. Politicians are busy in allocating funds and asking (Or is It Called Begging) for the money to the Ministers at The Centre and Some other politicians brag about the hospitality of the Kashmirians to the Audiences in the Debates, Seminars and their speeches are full of it. Since last 63 years this cycle has been going. Nobody is Complaining as we all suffer (or is it a Quality) from a syndrome called “ Jinaab Chalta Hai”. People are least bothered about the environmental, economical and social concerns. When some person sees a Watul (Sweeper) they walk briskly without knowing that he’s the one who cleans everything around you. I believe these Cheap, Yucky watuls are much clean then us. Their Eemaan is Much greater than ours. Without any excuse and any NAKHRA they keep on doing our work. And what we do, talk badly about them (Oh do we really). We send our daughters, sisters and mothers into the market wearing devil’s appearances.Then they complain of eve teasing. (Madam in this Society this is obvious, you are in the eyes of everyone from a police waala to a crook) Do we really Care? Chalta Hai. Are We Muslims? Yes (Who the hell is he? How dare he talk about my appearance? It’s my life). And When In Debates We talk about Kashmir as Pirewar (Land Of Saints) we don’t keep these things in mind, the Religious heads only talk about Recite this Durood you will get this much Sawaab and only this is the wrong Madzhab and this is right one, Somebody dies and instead of mourning we give lavish lunches and dinners (Didn’t somebody just die??… Chalta Hai). Some girl gets run over by some influenced guy and for few days we keep tight vigil over our Sons and Daughters and when the issue gets back to the little corner of the Newspaper, we forget and …Chalta Hai. Governments Come and go but the progress is on the paper of Speeches and on the ground Chalta Hai.. Roads getting dug since long (I often wonder that are they finding any Petroleum or Gold Reserves) and when it’s about to finish, another proposal comes up or the drain doesn’t go according to the plan and Digging starts again (This the Employment Schemes Dear). Offering Stipends to useless fellows who only know there’s only government job to do and Nothing Else because in Today’s Kashmir who works Hard to earn money. They Want to sit at the Chairs and wait for some goat (I mean Poor and Helpless person) to give them their Incentives (I thought its Bribing and Its illegal). What do they Say???? Jinaab Chalta Hai. Doing some legal work needs documentation, a helpless person will go round and round and round to these offices. “Come Tomorrow” it’s a line that is so famous that it should be written on the board. Some Contractor has to get the Tender and he gifts him the money as to get it immediately and when asked isn’t this “Haraam” (Oh! Islam is Nowhere Sorry) isn’t this illegal and the answer is Jinaab Chalta Hai.. A department getting money, filling their pockets digging up and work is done. And What Does a Common Man Do?? (Aam Admi Ki Sarkaar Lol) Dharna, rallies and in the end Chalta Hai.. How Much Money Has LAWDA got since its inception in the 90’s huge isn’t it. But Where Is the Dal clean, where are the waterways (They are now reduced to Drains) nowhere. With that money we could have built our own Burj Khalifa (maybe Bigger). After All These Years of This Chalta Hai Cycle our Social and economical aspects have been completely destroyed. What about Environment?? (“Aes Che Kashir, Aes Cha Trawmuth Kyanh aaztaan”) Glaciers are now like a white paint. And we increase the number of Yatris every year, Kyun Bhai Tourist To hai? Hill Stations have been developed now they are only stations, Where are the hills?? How can we make hotels then? How can we make houses? Farm Lands are now Shopping Destinations? Kashmiris have a big business mindset you have One Kanal Of land and we build a Complex.. The Snow is not falling, the rivers are dry, and the forests are without trees and the mountains a resource of Sand and Stones. Delhi lies in the middle of India and I believe there are more trees on the road then our total trees. WE ARE MOVING TOWARDS A BIG ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER. SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC DISASTERS HAVE HAPPENED LONG AGO. SAVE KASHMIR THIS TIME. WE HAVE SUFFERED A LOT ALL THESE YEARS AND IF WE INTROSPECT WE TOTALLY DESERVE IT. IT’S PUNISHMENT FROM THE ALMIGHTY STOP CHALTA HAI ATTITUDE..COMMIT YOURSELF TO A BETTER KASHMIR

Rise! From The Filth

Twenty years have passed since Gaw Kadal Massacre of January 1990. This famous Bridge has fallen in the canal of filth like our hearts. In This city of massacres and protest ,the blood of martyrdom did flow like the Our River Jhelum and has dried up ever since. The Hollow slogans we here everyday, do they wake our hearts , no they don't. Then why are they sloganeering like the voice of a bad singer. Don't they have homes to go.?? Whenever this leader calls of strike, the students feel joy that they don't have to go to school and we will play cricket football or hangout with friends. the employees feel saved from waking early but sad that they can't take gift money today but plan their hangouts in famous resorts of this beautiful valley.. And The Businessman curse him for the loss they will face.Some Teenagers who boast of their heroism to their friends are ready to pelt stones in the famous places in the Downtown And The Gaza Strip (Maisuma) of Kashmir. They make a group and sit on the parapets of the shops that are closed.Puffing cigarettes and talking of escapes.. provoking the INDIAN FORCES (Guys Don't provoke them they still have to use their expired teargas shells and let the anger of their wives on you) and the match starts like the Classic Tom and Jerry. And later that evening the news starts, people swapping between channels to get a better view of this "Kani Jang".. And Sometimes Admiring the courage that these young guns have in them. But does anyone really understand what these protest calls for? No they don't.. The employees talk of freedom when they even cannot survive without the bribe(oops!! the Gift money) and students who hate to go to school talk about Freedom in ignorant but innocent manner bad mouthing mainstream politicians. the teenagers whose school doesn't care about their attendance talk when the next call is and this time how to escape and pelt stones. But The Business which essentially is the only legal way of earning hard money for a Kashmiri really takes a hit , we can understand... 62 years of oppression and trampling attitude of India (But i thought this is the biggest democracy in the world. Hey i am not lying). and Twenty years of bloodshed have given us nothing but reduced our hearts to stones. The Blood of our Martyrs is still flowing in the veins of Chinar. We are Living In Concentration Camps maybe worse than the SOBIBOR. I had a childhood dream of seeing A freedom leader As The Head Of The State One day. I used to go to on every friday to this Grand Mosque chanting slogans. But Today i realise that he is not a role model for us but one of the KGB's (Karrakulli and Gown Brigade). Who have compromised our Struggle to mere talks and Tours to UN and Other International Agencies.. And bulding mansions and buying expensive cars and armed with guards of the same country he's fighting.Its Shocking to Know that we are still delegating our Freedom to our Only Leader. When we should all come together and talk of a possible solution within us. But " Ye Kemis Cha Mengidagh".. There's No Country that hasn't got freedom or solution to their struggle against Oppression. See Kosovo A Muslim state in Europe who after years of Hostility with Bosnia got independence.. we have more than twice the size and still we don't get the right to ask for freedom. Yes why should we get the right when we don't deserve it. we don't have one Voice. One talks of Autonomy, Vision and self rule and the other of complete freedom and self determination. Don't You think we have lost something? If not now then when.. Little efforts can lead to a Perfect you and Perfect Kashmir..

Like A Great Kashmiri Poet Said:

Endow Your Will With Such Power That at every turn of fate it so be, That God Himself Asks of his Slave " What is it That pleases thee?" Allama Iqbal

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