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Raat Yuun dil main taeree khoyee huyee yaad aaye
Jaise Veraanae main chhup kae sae bahaar aa jaayae
Jaise sahra'aun main hoolae sae chalae baad-e-naseem
Jaise beemar ko bae wajeha qarraaar aa jaayae

The night has fallen and lo,
your memory has arisen, and
broken through the crevices of my heart
as if spring has stepped in silently,and
spread out its festivity of reds and greens
in the dark desolations of my being,
As if soothing,cooling breeze has
caressed the scorching thirsty sands of the desert
with some new promise, a fresh consoling word.
As if the one writhing in pain
has found deliverance
without any reason,
without any cure

Matai-e-lauh-o-qalam chinn gayaee tou kya gham hai
Ki khoon-i-dil main duboee hain aungliyaan main nae
Zubaan pae mohar lagee toy kya ki rakh dee hai
Har ik halqa-e-zanjeer main zubaan main nae

What then if they have seized my pen and my tablet
i have dipped my fingers in my own blood
and now i will chronicle my story
in my own novel way
with my own blood
What if then if they they have strangled my voice
I have given anew shape to it, and
I will still be heard.
I have planted a voice
in every ring of chain
with whuch they have buckled me down

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