Why Does Kashmir Need Azaadi?

The Cries Of The Mother Who has lost Her Smile
The Tears Of The Father Who lost his Walking Stick
The Wails Of The Wife who lost his Happiness
The back Of the Brother who lost his Support
The Innocent faces of the Children who Don't where is their Papa
The Chinar Who sees his leaves falling down On The Blood Of Its People
The Dal who has lost his purity and charm
The Mountains Who have died inside
the Birds who Stopped To Sing The Songs Of Happiness and Prosperity
The Streets Which haven't been Walked
The Streets where blood has flown
The Sky Who is Crying
Let me tell You that everything in kashmir needs azaadi,drawing lines on the map isn't the azaadi, We want peace and prosperity and Love.......
We have been Oppressed Since ages...
We wan't freedom like the birds have.....
To Be Continued.....