My Pillow Is Wet By My Tears

Where Ever i see my heart burns I hate the word Love But i am Living Some How Maybe By The Memories Maybe Almighty Wants To Punish Me For Loving Someone So Much In my eyes there's just fire That does not extinguish My throbbing Heart never ceases to beat Why does it feel i have commited a Sin? A Sin Of Love Hey dear come back I have had enough of this Or let me die in your lap How Can I Live with this? How Can i forget you? How can i stop loving you? There's not a single Second When my tears don't roll down on my face Yes the same face you once used to kiss There's not a Second when my heart doesn't pain Yes the same heart you stole from me The twinkle in my eyes has gone Yes the same eyes you used to fall in I feel like i am isolated from this world I am away from my shadow As i am away from you I even cry in my sleep I see in the morning that ''My pillow is wet by my tears''