Wish to die in Them

Hey My Love Where Are You?
I Am Missing You Like A Desert misses rain
Where have You been?
Oh! My dreams Queen
This distance was unforeseen
It Has Been Like Centuries
Since We Talked
I am Missing Your your Angelic voice
And your Heavenly Beauty
This far Has Given Me an Insight
That Without you My Life Has No Light
Your touch gives me a Perspective of Heavens
Your Sight Gives My World Much Needed

Every night i wish that you come in my dreams tonight
Your Name With My Heart i every second i recite

I Just Wish To The LordThat He Give Me Your Sight
Even If That Costs me my life

Love Has no boundaries
So why are we Held by them
Oh! God Give Me one ChanceTo See My Love

Because I wish to die in her arms