You know you are a Kashmiri when...

...When you have worn a 'pheran' ...When weddings last a week ...When you are used to seeing stray cows on the streets

...When your hands are always stained with RUS

...When you drink tea that is pink and has salt instead of sugar

...When you have squished 20 people into a four seater car or a Maruti

...When you have to PICK a team to support in cricket

...When you have stayed or wanted to stay in a house boat

...When you all you hear your dad talk about is Indian politics

...When you go to the mosque in the winters to sit at the hamaam

...When you have kept waz natheen in the polythene bag

...When your Mother says “tala hamsaiyan wich power tsa gamut” during power cuts

...When your grandmother says “Aaz Kachim Eid Tsa” many weeks after Eid.

...When you sit to scare the dog away

...When you wait for hours at the Barber’s Shop

...When you have said "it's complicated" when someone asked you where you were from

...When you have bought "Tanokh Phutij" for the Kashmiri Workers

...When you have been asked by your Grandfather to empty and fill the water in the Jajeer (Hukkah)

...When you have seen a Pandit wearing a Kan Weaj (A Type of Earring)

...When you always say Kashmir is the Paradise on earth to your foreigner friend.