Kashmir...I Love You!

Kashmir...I love you! I remembered you Tears couldn't help holding but pour out the pain that i have been living with all my life Words have failed me once again... I don't even know how am I supposed to feel? Should I be sad? For the land where 60 years ago my dad was born Is now in the hands of Indians? Should I be angry? For some people are celebrating one of history's biggest crime Of invading a land of other people and claim it their own? Should I be hopeful? that even after 64 years Kashmiris are still standing,fighting, and never loosing faith in their freedom.. Even if they live in the other parts of the world When asked "Where from are You?" They say "We are From Kashmir,Not India" Should I be a Heartbroken? Even after 60 years the land is still occupied and brutalised with a million soldiers Holding guns at my sisters,mothers and my people? Should i be a Pessimist? that India’s occupation is being called "legitimate" and "Integral Part?" and that the leaders of the world are congratulating it for its independence and its riches that all the Muslims and the sane have done nothing to aid their brothers and sisters? Should I be sorry? for all the million obvious reasons for living my life normally as always for forgetting and moving on? Should I be ashamed? because not only the land is not free but us here and there? Longing to meet by the gates of Jhelum Longing to be together,Free Kashmir... I don't know which of these feelings should prevail but I can't help but say I love you... I love you Land of the Saints and the resilient.