Let me be on my own, Let me be myself.

Breaking Inside, Tears right in the eyes But don’t let them fall Smile on the face Trembling lips But don’t you frown Going into an oblivion Solitary like always Dreams right in your eyes Shattered, Bleeding Eyes full of tears Not letting them fall On the Boulevard Where dreams turn dust Laughing with yourself How different the journey has turned out Emotions, Let them flow Sick of pretension to be strong Yes, I am broke Not ashamed but the truth Drinking the failure to the full My heart cracking beneath the strong show Hearing voices of rhetoric “You have to be strong...” Sometimes you just have to flow Like the Glacier which breaks apart Into a River Let me be the river now, Let me flow with my tears Let me gather dust on my way Let me love the treacherous course Let me find my love, my sea Let me be on my own, let me be myself.