Rises Kashmir's Intifada

A Hundred thousand annihilated in Kashmir in the most cruel manner An imperialist genocide by the fascist armies 700,000 troops occupying the land Thousands widowed,raped and orphaned Where's the humanity? How would you feel your freedom being Hijacked By the people who holocausted thousands of Muslims and buried under a ground where the State holds Parade Promised of your Freedom and betrayed in the back & occupied Called a terrorist if demanded the same How would you feel? How would you feel when kicked out of our home Disappeared,tortured and maimed Dubbed as a Militant and killed in a Fake. How would you feel hundreds getting killed In-front of your eyes while demanding their rights While the guns pump 40 inside you? How would you feel Your Mother getting raped by many Killed in a cold blood and Called it Drowning How would you feel Your Sister getting molested You are helpless with gun at your aim How would feel being a prisoner in your own land and your screams for freedom suffocated The young teens hold a stone Pumped with bullets and called Killed in Self Defense Why do the People dictate the terms who never were paraded for their identity they live in the Cozy of their homes Why do people debate who's wrong and who's right when the people are getting massacred Stones against bullets Rises Kashmir's Intifada In cities,towns and villages Condemning oppression,injustice & abuse of power