Hey Its Me As happy as i can be
Have you forgotten me?
Yes, i am the person who was a breeze
whose words made you freeze
I was just Looking For the people in Me
In my life they hold a key
but they have lost their lock
and thats how my heart turned into rock
one rock reminded me of you
It was the most beautiful rock
more beautiful than the Diamond
Shining brighter than the sun
the rock had the moments of fun
the moments of joy and sadness
the moments we laughed and cried.
Have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten them?
Whenever and wherever you are in difficulty
Just go in your heart Search my smile
Whenever and Wherever You are alone.
Remember my words You will never walk Alone...
Whenever you are in pain
Remember my touch
whenever you are in tears
Remember my eyes
whenever you are unhappy
just remember my giggle
whenever you need to cry
remember my shoulder
whenever you feel bored
remember my jokes
whenever you are silent
remember my songs
whenever you want to shout
remember my ears
remember me when i am not here whenever and wherever you need me I am there Always